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You should notify your Building Society or Bank if the property is mortgaged, that you are thinking of letting the property. It is usually one of the conditions of your mortgage that you apply for permission to sub let the property. We also recommend that your building and content Insurers are advised of your plans, as they too may need altering to cover a third part residing at the property. (We can assist in recommending specialist insurance companies dealing with insurance for rented properties. Please speak to a member of staff).


It is also wise to check that if the property is leasehold, therefore you must confirm with the freeholder that there are no restrictions or covenant that prevents you from letting the property and the Tenants must adhere to during the Tenancy period.



It is important to have several keys cut for the property, enough for each adult Tenant due to move into your property, plus a set for our Management Department (if applicable) for security reasons and access, if so required.


Should there be at any time any need to take legal action against the Tenant for what so ever reason, the Landlord will be responsible for this action plus any necessary costs incurred. For managed properties, assistance will be given to the Landlord with regards to documentation and administration with reference to the tenancy, costs will still need to be paid by the landlord. 


If you have employed us as your Managing Agents, the only service that we are not able to transfer for you is the telephone, as BT or cable will only deal with the subscriber and not with a third party. Please, therefore, arrange transfer on the day the Tenants take occupation, if possible. Your assistance will also be welcome with any final meter readings or notification of services.


If a Tenant is found for the property and suitable references have been received and the Landlord does not proceed, then a fee of £250 + VAT is payable to the agent.

Legal costs and expenses (if necessary).


The costs of any overseas calls, faxes and redirected mail on behalf of the Landlord shall be recoverable.


A sum equivalent to 20% of the value of any insurance claim (minimum fee £50) dealt with by the agent on behalf of the Landlord.

Purchase by Party Introduced by Us


In the event of a party introduced by us (or any person or body corporate associated with that party) subsequently purchasing the premises, whether before or after entering into a Tenancy Agreement, commission shall be payable to us on completion of the sale at the rate of 1% + VAT of the sale price.

Ending the Agreement.


If the Landlord wishes to terminate the contract and continue to keep the existing Tenants introduced by the Agency he/she will need to give the Agency 2 months notice and will be liable to pay 1 months rent plus vat for the termination.


The Landlord shall indemnify us as Agents against costs, expenses or liabilities incurred or imposed on us, provided that they were incurred on his behalf in pursuits of our normal duties.


The Landlord is the sole or joint owner of the property and that he/she has the right to rent out the property under the terms of his mortgage or head lease.


The Landlord shall permit the Agent to undertake the remedy of any emergency, the cost of which shall be borne by him/her unless proved to be the responsibility of the Tenant.


The Landlord shall permit the agent to sign, any notices contracts, with relation to the management of the said property.


The agent reserves the right to give 14 days notice in writing to the Landlord to terminate this agreement.


The agency accepts no liability for any damage or theft at the property whilst vacant or in between lettings. No management service is offered during this period.

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