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How Landlords Can Adapt to the COVID-CRISIS

Due to the health impacts and job losses caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become difficult for many people across the country and the world to keep up with their bills, make their mortgage and their rent payments. Leicestershire is no different.

What Does This Mean For Landlords Now?

It would generally be bad form to demand that tenants make their payments on time if they genuinely do not have the money. So what does the Landlord do?

Be Empathetic & Understanding.

The COVID -19 outbreak is a stressful and scary situation for everyone. Therefore it is more important than ever to approach tenants with empathy and professionalism. Getting angry and frustrated with tenants will make the situation worse.

Collect What You Can

Not everyone has been left unemployed by the COVOD-19 Crisis, some are front line workers and some are able to work from home. Try and be flexible and arrange a payment plan, something is better than nothing and encourage the tenant to keep making payments, however small so the arrears do not build up. This is mutually beneficial, as it keeps tenants with a roof over their heads and helps ensure that landlords remain financially solvent.

Landlords & Tenants Safe

Do not carryout unnecessary property visits and assess if maintenance issues can be put on hold. If it is urgent, ensure that work is carried out under government guidelines keeping a safe distance at all times.

Be Aware of Available Resources

Along with the incredible helpful health information provided by the World Heath Organisation and the UK Government, there are many leading industry experts like ARLA who are putting up regular updates and guidance for landlords and industry professionals during the COVID -19 Crisis. Keep yourself well informed.

The underlying message from the Government’s response is that renters, landlords and Government are now expected to work together so that, when the UK pulls through the Covid-19 pandemic, peoples’ lives and the economy can rebound as quickly as possible, and homelessness for renters will not become widespread.


In these trying times, we should do our best to help and support one another. Everybody is affected by COVID-19, so rather than letting the pressure of any situation get to us we should try our best to use this opportunity to demonstrate strength and empathy.

We are in this together, not just in the UK but the entire world. We are not in it alone and we have a better chance of getting through this by supporting one another and not standing alone.

We are here to help you and support you. If you need our help regarding any property related matters, please call. We are here to listen, we are here to help and we are here to support you.

Take Care & Stay Safe!

Nazir & Hafsa

Nico Properties


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